About Us, ScrambledEggsandToast.com

Hello everyone and welcome to ScrambledEggsandToast.com! Thanks for visiting and feel free to browse around the different areas of this site for a great egg-sperience.

What is Scrambled Eggs and Toast?

This is a place where we celebrate all aspects of breakfast through the power of the internets.  We do this by serving up creative content in the following areas:

  • Blogging about breakfast related topics
  • Showcasing restaurants that serve great breakfast food
  • Promote the idea of travel and breakfast from around the world
  • Promote "Breakfast Culture"
  • Find interesting breakfast related topics
  • Keep it simple
  • Scramble it up
  • Most importantly, to have fun!!!

Is there a story behind Scrambled Eggs and Toast?

Why yes there is.... thanks for asking!

A few years ago, I was in the process of creating a personal blog.  The first thought was to have a fun blog that would be centered around creativity and exploration.  The first challenge was the naming process.  What was the name of the blog going to be?  At the time, there were no ideas.  Only a bunch of crappy names that were awful.  After struggling with the name for a few days, I finally gave up one Saturday morning and decided to load the family in the car and go have breakfast at a local diner.

As we arrived at the diner and found a table to sit at, a moment of inspiration hit as I was looking at the menu.  "Scrambled Eggs and Toast." The name just popped in my head and seemed so perfect.

That was it.  The name arrived over a breakfast dining experience in Indianapolis, IN.  It took additional time to envision the direction of the website, but that is how it all started.

Today, the site continues to evolve.  The focus is now on supporting local diners, restaurants, and those businesses that are engaged in serving up great breakfast experiences in Indiana and from around the world.  As things moving forward the following ideas are also baked into the future of ScrambledEggsandToast.com, be creativity, be supportive, have fun, and keep things scrambled!

That's about it. The story of ScrambedEggsandToast.com in an eggshell.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this website makes you hungry for breakfast and feeling inspired to go have breakfast with friends and family soon!

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