Welcome to the "Maps" area of ScrambledEggsandToast.com.  In this area we have a collection of maps that are meant to help you find the locations of great restaurants, cafes, and businesses in the breakfast industry.  If there are any questions, feel free to contact us at anytime. Thanks for visiting!

Photography Locations

Photography and creative content is a large part of ScrambledEggsandToast.com. On this map, we have a collection of images that have been plotted on a map for a fun and different way to navigate through our breakfast related content.  If you are interested in viewing the photos, they can be see on the map here.

Restaurant Locations

On ScrambledEggsandToast.com, we have a provided all the restaurant listings on an easy to read map.  With the map, you can find great breakfast locations near you, of perhaps find a new restaurant in a new location.  Whatever the reason, feel free to browse the breakfast map here.

Omelette Locations

Omelettes are great. They are a favorite of staple on many menus that offer breakfast to their customers. At ScrambledEggsandToast.com, we have a provided a way to view food items, and in this case, omelettes on a geographic map.  With our "Omelette Location Service" you can find great omelettes at a location near you on the map here.

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