, Uptown Cafe, Noblesville, IN

Uptown Cafe, Noblesville, IN

This blog post is dedicated to everyone that enjoys breakfast with friends on a weekend morning. In this case, the day was Saturday and the location was the Uptown Cafe in Noblesville, IN. Five of us from Indy Water Polo had breakfast after a great two hour practice. Below are a few snapshots and breakfast inspired observations from the Uptown Cafe experience.

This is a cropped view of the restaurant while sitting at the counter.

Below is a snapshot of the breakfast ordered by Ed. Pretty solid looking breakfast if you ask me.

Check out this breakfast croissandwich! That's an interesting looking breakfast for sure. This is going on the breakfast bucket list of items to try in the near future.

Here is the breakfast I ordered. It was a #3. Scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage.

Brian ordered this volcanic egg looking thing, strategically placed over a pile of sausage and hash browns. The theme here is to mix it up!

Here we are... chillin at the breakfast counter in Noblesville, IN.

In conclusion, Noblesville, IN has some truly amazing breakfast places to choose from. If you are ever in the area, be sure to add the Uptown Cafe to your list of potential breakfast restaurants to visit.

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