Indianapolis Breakfast, The Donut Shop, Keystone Ave.

Breakfast at The Dount Shop, Indianapolis, IN

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For this article, we were in Indianapolis, IN visiting a local breakfast restaurant called The Donut Shop, which is located at The Donut Shop at 5527 N. Keystone, Ave. If you are hungry for a breakfast diner with affordable prices, then the Donut Shop is worth learning more about.

Arriving for Breakfast

This epic adventure happened early, one Saturday morning.  The kids had just woken up, they were watching some classic Looney Tunes cartoons on television when the urge to go out for breakfast seemed like a great idea.  Sometimes it can challenging to get young kids in a car, but it helps to use the word "donut" to get people moving in the right direction.

After piling into the family rig, we then drove to The Donut Shop, which is located close to where we live in Indianapolis. I thought we arrived pretty early, it was only a few minutes past 8am, but the place was already pretty busy.  e were fortunate to find a table for four which was located in the back section of the restaurant.  Clearly, there was a group of friendly regulars that had their favorite spots and were enjoying their breakfast with a socializing style vibe.

As the kids and I sit down, the waitress approached us for a drink order.  She handed us the menus, but we never open them.  Ordering is a piece of cake, the kids always order pancakes and french toast.  For me, the most difficult decision was to choose between a Western or Denver omelette.  The meal was served with hashbrowns, wheat toast, and a side of bacon.  Coffee was also the drink of choice.

After a few minutes of chatting with the kids, the our food was delivered to the table.  The french toast looked really good with a healthy amount of powdered sugar on top.  The kids were happy with their breakfast food and chocolate milks to drink.  Then, the omelette made a landing in front of me.  This was a very full plate of food.  It looked incredible.

The Meal

The three egg western omelette was excellent.  The eggs had the proper amount of fluff and the vegetables were crisp and fresh.  There was a generous serving of hashbrowns and they were cooked good.  The weakest point of the breakfast was the bacon.  Maybe I was not in a bacon mood this particular morning, but I actually did not finish it all.

The Breakdown

Here are some areas of the dining experience that have been rated on a scale of 1 to 5.

Order to food time ratio: 4, fast, but also depends on the number of patrons in the restaurant.
Service: 4.5 Very friendly.
Bacon: 3.5, Good.
Coffee: 3, Good. I prefer coffee a bit stronger, but it was nice and warm!
Omelette: 4.5, An egg-cellent dish!
Portions: 4, Decent sized and filling.
Pricing: 5, Affordable. 3 meals, drinks, and 4 donuts came to $22.

In Conclusion

This is one of my favorite breakfast restaurants in the local neighborhood.  The food was great and the prices were super affordable.  They have 2 Eggs, Potatoes, and toast for $3.75 (pricing subject to change.) That's a Deal!  If you are looking for a great place to eat some scrambled eggs and toast, be sure to check out The Donut Shop!

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